Stop by to see our indoor golf simulators in Annandale, MN

While playing golf can be fun, walking around the course in the hot sun isn't. Take a different approach to playing golf by coming to The Expanse. We have indoor golf simulators in the Annandale, MN area. Our indoor golf training center uses the QED Golf Launch Monitor with GS Pro to help provide you with the best experience possible.

Each time you swing, you'll get to see an overhead slow-motion video of you hitting the ball. Our golf simulators provide other training and information metrics like ball speed, spin, and an accurate display of your ball flight.

Courses you can play

One of the reasons people love physical golf courses is because they can play a wide variety of courses with different terrains. Fortunately, we've adjusted our indoor golf simulators to accommodate that. When you play our simulators you'll have Hundreds of courses to choose from.

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